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Star Wars CLE Seminar

June 30 - July 1, 2022

Over the course of two action-packed days, this Zoom seminar brings in attorneys, professors, and other speakers from around the U.S. to teach classic CLE topics with a Star Wars twist! 

Day One

Our CLE event starts on June 30, 2022, with 3 classes before lunch and 3 after lunch, from 9:00am to 4:30pm MST. 

This day is eligible for up to the following credits:

50-minute states: up to 8.4 credits, incl. 2.4 ethics

60-minute states: 7 credits, incl. 2 ethics

Day Two

Our CLE event continues on July 1, 2022, with 3 classes before lunch and 4 after lunch, from 9:00am to 5:30pm MST.

This day is eligible for the following credits:

50-minute states: up to 9.6 credits

60-minute states: 8 credits

Day One Topics

The Law of Force Awakens 

Disobedience and Environmentalism 

The Phantom Mediator: Star Wars and Conflict Resolution

At the Elbow and Under Pressure

The Return of the Rule of Law 

How Many Rules of Ethics Did the Jedi and Sith Violate? (Hint: All of Them)

A Long Time Ago In A Courtroom Far Away

Revenge of the Semicolon: Star Wars Advocacy Tips 

Using Project Management to Build Your Own Clone Army

Does It Even Matter If Han Shot First? Civil Issues in Star Wars

Resistance Within the Empire: Disobedience to Institutions of Power

A New Hope for Textualism: How to Read Text and Paratext

War Crimes in the Star Wars Universe

Day Two Topics

Your Speakers

Butch Bracknell, The Charles F. Bolden Group

Dr. Alexandra Harrington, Lancaster University

Professor Jen Reynolds, University of Oregon

Professor Noam Ebner, Creighton University

Professor Dakota S. Rudesill, Ohio State University

Honorable (Ret.) Russ Carparelli

John Browning, Spencer Fane, LLP

Sarah J.M. Cox, Burnette Shutt McDaniel, PA

Professor Amar Khoday, The University of Manitoba  

E. Aaron Cartwright, Law Office of Aaron Cartwright

Dr. Benjamin Priester, Florida Coastal School of Law

Gurney F. Pearsall III, Pearsall Law Firm, PC


"I love the idea, but I'm busy. Can I view the CLEs on my own?"

Our live classes will be recorded and viewable anytime in the next two years for the same credits.

To receive the recordings, register for the live course and email us for the recordings at [email protected]

You can also attend some live courses and view others as prerecorded classes.

"My state requires attendance verification. How do you verify attendance?"

To verify attendance, we use a Verification Word that we distribute in the middle of our CLE classes.

"Do you have a financial hardship policy?"

Yes, please reach out and let us know about your financial hardship at [email protected]

"What states have accredited this CLE?"


Even if your state does not appear on this list,

you can request credits after attending a CLE.

No state has so far refused to issue credits for this seminar.

Accredited, Directly or via Reciprocity:

Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, N.D., N.J., N.Y., Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin


Arizona and New Hampshire do not pre-approve CLE programs

"Is my state a 50-minute or 60-minute CLE state?"

The 50-minute CLE states are Colorado, Florida, Missouri, N.J., N.Y., 

Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

"When will I get the Zoom link/password and attendance form?"

You will receive the Zoom link/password within 48 hours of our CLE event 

at the email address that you provide with your registration.

After viewing the CLE(s), please email [email protected] for the attendance form, if you need one.

Please include the course's verification words, if your state requires that as proof of attendance.

"Is there another payment option if I do not use Paypal?"

If for any reason our secure Paypal-based payment link is not working for you, 

please feel free to pay through our secure LawPay link by clicking here.

Our Previous CLE:

The Jewishprudence CLE Seminar

In May, our Jewishprudence CLE seminar brought in attorneys, law professors, rabbis, and other speakers from around the U.S. and Israel to teach classes that combine classic CLE topics with Judaica.

Jewishprudence CLE Seminar

This course is eligible for up to 20 CLE credits, for attorneys who watch it and submit the request for credits to their state. Accreditation is being sought in a number of states at the moment, and a list of states that have granted credits to this as an on-demand webinar accredited states will be published as state bars grant credits.

If your jurisdiction does not recognize on-demand webinars or limits the amount of credits you can receive for them, it may be possible to receive credits for attending this seminar as a live course by being able to communicate in real time with the seminar's moderators or speakers. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] to make such arrangements.

The Topics of the Jewishprudence CLE Seminar

The Race for Jurisdiction in Secular and Religious Courts

The Rise in Anti-Semitism and What Lawyers Can Do

Equity in American and Jewish Law

Talmud for Lawyers

Argue, Don't Fight: The Limits of Zealous Advocacy

Updates to U.S. Supreme Court Religious Liberties Jurisprudence

Jewish Ethics, Legal Ethics, and Social Media Use

Hasidic Education and the Limits of Religious Liberty

Legal Reasoning in the Talmud

The Laws of Shabbat as a Guide to Work-Life Balance

Israel, Hamas, and the Law of War

Pirkei Avot as a Guide to Legal Ethics