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Jewishprudence CLE Seminar

For this year's Memorial Day weekend, we are hosting an engaging, new kind of CLE program.

"Jewishprudence" brings in attorneys, law professors, rabbis, and other speakers from around the U.S. and Israel 

to teach CLE classes that intersect classic CLE topics with Judaica over the course of two action-packed days. 

Below, you can find the breakdown of each day, the topics presented, and the speakers presenting.

Day One

Our CLE event starts on May 27, 2022, with four classes before lunch and three after, from 9am to 4:30pm.

This day is 9 credits (incl. 3 ethics) in 50-min. states,

and 7.5 credits (incl. 2.5 ethics) in 60-min. states.

Day Two

Our CLE event continues on May 29, 2022, with two classes before lunch and three after, from 9am to 5:00pm.

This day is 10 credits (incl. 2 ethics) in 50-min. states, and 8.25 credits (incl. 1.5 ethics) in 60-min. states.

Day One Topics

The Race for Jurisdiction in Secular and Religious Courts 

The Rise in Anti-Semitism and What Lawyers Can Do

Equity in American and Jewish Law

Talmud for Lawyers

Argue, Don't Fight: The Limits of Zealous Advocacy 

Updates to U.S. Supreme Court Religious Liberties Jurisprudence

Jewish Ethics, Legal Ethics, and Social Media Use

Hasidic Education and the Limits of Religious Liberty

Legal Reasoning in the Talmud

The Laws of Shabbat as a Guide to Work-Life Balance

Israel, Hamas, and the Law of War

Pirkei Avot as a Guide to Legal Ethics

Day Two Topics

Your Speakers

Jay Hait, Esq., Hait Family Law, P.C.

Professor Eli Wald, Denver University School of Law

Professor Itzchak Kornfeld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rabbi Zelig Prag, The Flatbush Yeshiva

Gurney F. Pearsall III, Esq., Pearsall Law Firm, P.C.

Benjamin Sklar, Esq., Sullivan & Worcester L.L.P.

Rabbi Daniel A. Weiner, Temple De Hirsch Sinai

Rabbi Eliyahu Block, Center of Jewish Life and Learning

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, Chabad of Downtown Vancouver  

Elle Ross, Esq., The Law Office of Elle Ross

Leonid Krimsky, Esq., The Law Office of Leonid Krimsky


"I love the idea, but I'm busy on Memorial Day weekend."

Not a problem! Our live classes will be recorded, so just let us know if you prefer to view them as recordings.

You can view them for credits anytime within a year or longer, depending on your state. 

To receive credits, simply email us for the signed attendance form at [email protected]

"My state requires attendance verification. How do you verify attendance?"

To verify attendance, we use a Verification Word that we distribute in the middle of our CLE classes.

"I am licensed in several states. Can I receive credit in them all?" 

To receive the attendance form for multiple states, please reach out to [email protected]

"Do you have a financial hardship policy?"

Yes, please reach out and let us know about your financial hardship at [email protected]

"What states have accredited this CLE?"

Note: Even if your state does not appear on this list, 

attorneys can always request credits after attending a CLE


Georgia, Ohio, Texas 

Accredited via Reciprocity: 

Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, N.D., N.J., N.Y., Wisconsin


California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington


Arizona and New Hampshire do not pre-approve CLE programs

D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and South Dakota do not require CLE attendance

"Is my state a 50-minute or 60-minute CLE state?"

Colorado, Florida, Missouri, N.J., N.Y., Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin

are the 50-minute CLE states, in which this seminar is worth 19 credits, including 5 ethics credits

"When will I get the Zoom link/password and attendance form?"

You will receive the Zoom link/password within 48 hours of the event.

For the attendance form, please email [email protected] after viewing the CLEs.

If you state requires verification words to prove that you were paying attention, please provide them.

"Is there another payment option if I do not use Paypal?"

If for any reason our Paypal-based payment system is not working for you, 

please feel free to pay through our secure LawPay link by clicking here.

"Can I just view a few classes?"

Absolutely. Individual classes are available for viewing as on-demand courses, 

and tickets for separate courses can be purchased in the link below. 

Simply select the number of courses to view, purchase the corresponding number of tickets, 

and email us the names of the classes you are interested in viewing.